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OOC: Invitation to Vice [Feb. 15th, 2005|05:28 pm]
The Coronations Arms Gentleman's Club - Theatrical


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Lord Henry Wotton of the Picture of Dorian Gray fandom is wishing to hold a little party at his gentleman’s club, coronationarms. But, as usual, Lord Henry has to live up to his Victorian dandy ways and provide a night of vice.

Arrangments have been made with Oliver, the employer of Julian (rentboy_tm), your friendly neighbourhood rentboy, to provide a service for the evening.

What the good Lord is interested in finding companions for his night of debauchery. Pups from all fandoms are welcome but Henry would like to specifically target other foppish gentlemen with a weak spot for brandy, opium tinted cigarette and pretty boys.

rentboy_tm is also looking for fellow pups who may be down in cash and looking to exploit a gent.

If your pup would be interested in such debauchery, have them contact Lord Henry at here or greencarnations and he’ll get back to you with more details!