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Apologies [Oct. 8th, 2004|03:28 am]
The Coronations Arms Gentleman's Club - Theatrical



I do apologise for the shoddiness of my uncle's club. He has gone on a brief holiday to Verona to visit the various opera halls and whatnot. He's asked myself and my French manservant, Michel Pheaux to look after the place. Of course, I will be relying heavily on Michel. I am useless with all matter pertaining to anything remotely important. That's him over at the bar.

I am Lord Henry Wotton and I would perfer it if you would call me by me proper title and remember your maners at least until we are better acquainted. Most people call me Harry but for now, I would appreciate it if you address me as Lord Henry.

Still, enjoy the somewhat debauched atmosphere and I promise that Michel will get someone in here to fix up this place sharpish!

But I must scurry, I'm waiting for a friend.

(Hello, dear fellow...)